Sunday, 11 September 2016

100 WC 4

...And I thought “well what a start”...

It’s the 100m race,I’m really nervous.I’m hoping to win because  I have never won before.So I have to do my very best in this exiting race.Were getting ready to start as the gun fire and off we go.And I thought “well what a start” from me.I’m on the lead as I past 50m 60m 70m.I’m still on the lead,I am really nervous because one of them is really close to me so I kept running faster.As I past the 80m 90m really fast and that’s the finish line.I think I’ve won and the told I’m in 1st place

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

100 WC 1

As I Step on a puddle the water suddenly turned to green...

I was walking through a forest and I saw this a small muddy puddle.The puddle looks magical so I went near it and looked closely.The muddy puddle is changing colors.I’m nervous because something might happen.

I decided to step on it as soon as I stepped on the puddle it suddenly turns to green.I’m really panicking,the puddle keeps turning to green I don't know what to do.I’m shouting for help but no one was there.I wonder what is going on?I could not get out of the puddle.